State of the Union Tonight, Controversy Over Free Speech on Twitter, 'Audit the Fed' Vote Fails: P.M. Links


  • Ted Cruz

    Yes, tonight is the night of the dreaded State of the Union. Reason will live-tweet it, though most of my colleagues would like the whole sorry spectacle to be abolished.

  • Twitter de-recognized Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos last week, touching off a debate over whether the social media platform should be more conscious of harassment or more apt to protect its users' expectations of free speech.
  • Should Jackie, the subject of Rolling Stone's gang rape debacle, be named? The Washington Post still won't do it—in part because the paper promised to avoid doing so in exchange for an interview with her—while The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross has begun writing her full name in articles.
  • Speaking of Jackie, the extent of her catfishing scheme was recently revealed in court documents relating to UVA Dean Nicole Eramo's lawsuit against Rolling Stone. Jackie also lied to friend and crush Ryan Duffin about suffering from a terminal illness.
  • Paul's Audit the Fed bill was rejected by the Senate. Sen. Ted Cruz didn't show up for the vote.
  • Watch Liz Mair battle Ann Coulter over the latter's insane advocacy of Donald Trump.

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