Ted Cruz Takes Lead in Iowa, Russia Fired on Turkish Ship, New Independence Day Trailer: A.M. Links


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    Leaders of governments around the world struck a deal on climate at Paris, but as Republicans are wont to point out, the deal's only good so long as those governments continue to back it.

  • A series of new polls in Iowa show Ted Cruz taking the lead in the Republican presidential contest there. A new head-to-head poll, meanwhile, has Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump but losing to Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.
  • Russia said it fired on a Turkish ship to avoid a collision in the Aegean Sea.
  • Women in Saudi Arabia got to participate in local elections for the first time, by voting as well as running for office.
  • Human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang is on trial in China, facing charges of inciting hatred, "picking quarrels," and "provoking trouble."
  • A banned Sunni extremist group claimed responsibility for a bombing at a marketplace in Pakistan that killed at least 20.
  • Melor, a category 3 typhoon, is expected to make landfall in the Philippines.
  • A trailer was released for the new Independence Day movie.

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