Rahm Fires Boss of Chicago Police, Internet Freaks Out About Leonardo DiCaprio, New Psy Video: P.M. Links


  • Psy

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel brought a measure of accountability to the Chicago police force by firing superintendent Garry McCarthy.

  • Does Leonardo DiCaprio get raped by a bear in his new film, The Revenant? I'm not so sure, but the whole internet is joking about it.
  • The Kean University threat against black students was a hoax; a black student activist will be charged with creating a false public alarm.
  • The Huffington Post says a new survey reveals there's not a lot to worry about when it comes to trigger warnings. But I read the survey and I'm still quite worried.
  • Donald Trump, making threats. But for charity!
  • Trump's claim about New York City Muslims celebrating 9/11 is still very, very false.
  • Psy's new video is weird. (He's the "Gangnam Style" guy.)

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