Paul Ryan Says He Won't Work on Immigration Reform With Obama, Bernie Sanders Launches TV Ad Campaign, Antarctica Gaining Ice: A.M. Links


  • StormPetrel1/flickr

    The Republican National Committee named a new official to act as a liaison between the presidential campaigns and the television networks hosting debates.

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won't work with President Obama on immigration reform because the president is "untrustworthy."
  • Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders launched his first TV ad campaign, to air in Iowa and New Hampshire.
  • The Vatican announced the arrest of a monsignor and a member of a finances reform commission for allegedly leaking confidential documents to the media.
  • The Indian air force was placed on high alert after a number of sightings of drone-like unidentified flying objects over the Delhi international airport.
  • The United Nations says plans by 150 countries to limit carbon emissions wouldn't be enough to save the climate.
  • New research from NASA shows Antarctica gaining ice mass, not losing it.
  • Former U.S. senator and Law & Order actor Fred Thompson died this weekend, aged 73.
  • The Kansas City Royals won their first World Series since 1985.

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