SXSW Cancels Gamergate Panels (For and Against), South Carolina School Cop Investigated, Cornell Hates Jesse Watters: P.M. Links


  • Snowden

    Organizers of South by Southwest cancelled two panels because threats were made against the participants. One of the panels was seen as "anti-Gamergate" because it included critics of the movement and set out to address online harassment; the other was "pro-Gamergate." BuzzFeed and Vox Media are now boycotting SXSW unless organizers reverse the decision.

  • If you want Arthur Chu's take, here it is.
  • The FBI will investigate the South Carolina school resource officer who tackled a girl in class.
  • The University of California is going to elaborate lengths to criminalize speech critical of Israel.
  • Cornell University kicked Jesse Watters off campus.
  • Edward Snowden denounced CISA in a Reddit thread.

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