College Yanks Down Mississippi Flag, Police Urged to Pay Attention to 'Black Lives Matter,' Budget Deal in Negotiations: P.M. Links


  • Long may she sit folded carefully in a box in a storage closet somewhere.
    Credit: StuSeeger / photo on flickr

    The University of Mississippi has stopped flying the state's flag on its campus because of the Confederate battle emblem that makes up part of the banner.

  • The death toll for an earthquake in northern Afghanistan has risen to more than 200. More casualties are predicted.
  • FBI Director James Comey is urging law enforcement agencies to actually pay attention to the "Black Lives Matter" hashtag to learn how they're perceived rather than just dismissing it as being "anti-police."
  • A two-year federal budget agreement that would increase the debt limit is in negotiations. If passed, it would eliminate any possibility of a looming government shutdown.
  • It really is "White House or Bust" for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida). He is not interested in trying to keep his Senate seat if he doesn't get the Republican nomination for president.
  • Ben Carson has opened up a 14-point lead over Donald Trump in Iowa.

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