Wikileaks Releases John Brennan Personal E-Mails, Joe Biden Not Running for President, Back to the Future Now Almost Entirely in the Past: P.M. Links


  • "Back to the Future 2"

    Wikileaks says it has released the personal e-mails of John Brennan, the director of the CIA.

  • Michigan's governor, Republican Rick Snyder, signed a bill introducing modest reforms to the state's asset forfeiture laws.
  • Joe Biden announced he would not be running for president.
  • An intruder with a hatchet broke into a Planned Parenthood clinic in New Hampshire, destroying medical equipment, computers, plumbing fixtures, and phones. Police say they apprehended a juvenile inside the building.
  • An American F-18 jet headed from Bahrain to the United States crashed into farmland in England, killing the pilot.
  • The Vatican has denied a rumor that Pope Francis has a brain tumor.
  • New data from the Large Hadron Collider could produce evidence of mini-black holes, which would suggest the presence of parallel universes.
  • Today is the day on which the events of Back to the Future II happen.

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