Trump's New Tax Reform Plan Looks Kind of Familiar, Obama and Putin Point Fingers, Mars May Have Some Very Salty Water: P.M. Links


  • At least it's not another picture of Trump.

    Donald Trump released his tax reform plan, which is big on tax cuts within the U.S. but increases taxes from American businesses overseas. It appears kind of similar to Jeb Bush's plan. Guess which one is getting more attention?

  • At the United Nations, President Barack Obama criticized Vladimir Putin and Russia for interventions in Syria and Ukraine. Putin responded by accusing the United States of fostering "violence and social disaster" in the Middle East rather than democracy. You know, it is possible for both of you to be engaging in terrible foreign policies. It's not contradictory.
  • Is it time to start planning for a water park on Mars? It just might be.
  • Missouri's attorney general could not find any evidence that Planned Parenthood had violated the state's laws on handling fetal tissue in the videos that have been released.
  • The prison employee who helped two convicted murderers escape from prison in New York earlier in the year has been sentenced to up to 7 years in prison.
  • Australia is threatening to deny singer Chris Brown a visa to perform there because of his violent history.

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