Carly Fiorina Shoots to Second Place in Latest Poll, Selma Pastor, Congregation, Thwart Gunman, Game of Thrones Breaks Emmy Record: A.M. Links


  • they should coronate presidents this way too

    The latest Republican presidential polling shows Carly Fiorina reaching second place, just behind Donald Trump.

  • A pastor in Selma and his congregation were able to subdue a gunman allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend and infant son.
  • U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan were reportedly ordered to ignore child sex abuse perpetrated by local security forces.
  • Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro while visiting Cuba. In a speech, the pontiff warned of the dangers of ideology and selfishness.
  • Iran says it has submitted samples to the United Nations Iranian inspectors collected from a military site in Parchin alleged to be the location of nuclear weapons research.
  • Ministers from a number of Eastern European EU members met in Prague to talk about their opposition to migrant quotas and other immigration polciies on the agenda for the EU summit that starts Wednesday.
  • HBO's Game of Thrones set a record at last night's Emmy's in Los Angeles, surpassing the awards total for a single year previously set by West Wing.

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