Opposition Vote on Iran Deal Fails in Congress, U.S. Building Wall in Niger, Arctic Mosquito Showing Up Earlier: A.M. Links


  • Lauren Cuiler via ABC

    The White House says Pope Francis will not speak to domestic issues on his visit to the United States, while the pope does not plan to meet with dissidents in Cuba on his visit to that country.

  • Votes against the Iran nuclear deal failed in the Congress. The State Department plans to begin implementing the agreement on October 18.
  • Taliban gunmen attacked a military air base in Peshawar, with Pakistani soldiers killing at least eight of the militants.
  • The United States is helping build a wall on the border of Niger to prevent incursions by Boko Haram militants from Nigeria.
  • The president of Somalia insists recent advances by Al Shabaab militants don't mean a resurgence for the Al Qaeda affiliate. 
  • At least 12 people were killed in an earthquake in Chile.
  • The Aedes nigripes, a mosquito in the Arctic, is getting a longer breeding season and so showing up earlier in the year.

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