Feds Wrong About Breakfast, State of Emergency in Ferguson, New Star Wars Trailer: P.M. Links


  • Why didn't anybody tell me that chocolate-covered strawberries are part of a balanced, nutritious breakfast?
    Credit: ninacoco / photo on flickr

    Today in "The government shouldn't be telling us how to eat": The belief that skipping breakfast causes people to gain weight, something in federal dietary guidelines, may be a bunch of hooey.

  • A new state of emergency has been declared in Freguson, Missouri, over unrest there.
  • Those Virginia alcohol agents who were involved in the bloody arrest of college student Martese Johnson outside a bar are back on the job. The Alcohol Beverage Control Department said the agents did nothing wrong.
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and former Republican Florida Gov. Jeb Bush did not have kind responses to Hillary Clinton's college funding proposal, calling it a tax hike.
  • How far are the other Republican candidates for president distancing themselves from Donald Trump?
  • Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane will publicly discuss the criminal charges against her (leaking grand jury information) at a press conference Wednesday.
  • Ever wonder what the Star Wars logo looks like in Korean? Turns out they released a new trailer for the upcoming movie overseas.

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