Confederate Flag Comes Down Tomorrow, Zakarian Drops Plans with Trump, FBI Claims to Have Stopped July 4 Plots: P.M. Links


  • It's waving goodbye.
    Credit: Serfs UP ! Roger Sayles / photo on flickr

    The Confederate flag will be gone from the South Carolina state capitol grounds by Friday morning.

  • But now there's a federal fight in Congress about whether the government should ban the sale and display of the Confederate flag at parks and cemeteries managed by the National Park Services.
  • Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has dropped his plans to open a restaurant in Donald Trump's new hotel in Washington, D.C., due to Trump's comments about immigrants. Reason has an interview with Zakarian in our August/September issue on the stands right now.
  • Some county clerks are still resisting the requirement to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Supreme Court decision notwithstanding.
  • FBI Director James Comey claims that his agency thwarted plots to kill people in the United States on Independence Day, but declined to provide details (like whether these "terrorists" were just incompetent boobs being strung along by undercover agents).
  • The Los Angeles Police Department officials said it will be investigating sexual abuse allegations about Bill Cosby, even though the statute of limitations would make impossible to prosecute many of them.
  • A new report says 25 million people inside and outside the government have had private data stolen in the federal Office of Personnel Management hacking.

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