'Major Technical Issue' Halts New York Stock Exchange Trading, United Grounds 3,500 Flights Due to 'Technical Glitch', Facebook Updates Icon for Gender Equality: P.M. Links


  • BBC

    The New York Stock Exchange went down today for nearly four hours because of what it called a "major technical issue."  United Airlines had to ground flights for a second time in five weeks, affecting more than half a million travelers, because of what it called a "technical glitch".

  • The pope is scheduled to address Congress in September, and the speech will be broadcast outside the Capitol building.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he'll sign an executive order that will place investigations of police killings in the state under the purview of the attorney general's office.
  • An F-16 collided with a Cessna over South Carolina, killing the pilot and his adult son.
  • Subway has suspended its relationship with spokesperson Jared Fogle after federal authorities raided his home.  A previous raid of the home of a former executive director of Fogle's charity allegedly uncovered child pornography.
  • Authorities in Italy seized $1.76 billion from a Sicilian construction company they allege has ties to the mafia.
  • A designer at Facebook says she redesigned a friends icon because the woman in it "was quite literally in the shadow of the man."

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