ISIS Launches Attacks in Egypt's Sinai, FBI Says Fire at S.C. Church Likely Caused by Lightning, No Star Trek Where Star Trek's Boldly Gone Before: P.M. Links


  • "Star Trek"

    The ISIS affiliate in Egypt launched a coordinated attack on multiple checkpoints in the Sinai Peninsula in which more than 50 Egyptian soldiers were killed.

  • The presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton says it expects to have raised $45 million this quarter. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush has released a list of donors to his educational foundation, which raised $46 million between its founding in 2007 and the end of last year.
  • Brian Doherty has the latest news on Defense Distributed's lawsuit against the State Department over "munitions export controls" the lawsuit asserts violate the First and Second Amendment.
  • A fire at a predominantly black church in South Carolina was likely caused by lightning, according to the FBI, which is working with the National Weather Service.
  • The surviving New York prison escapee says he and his partner conducted a "dry run" of their prison break, but found themselves at a manhole that was too close to residential homes. They chose a manhole just a block from the prison instead.
  • Why is there no new Star Trek on television?

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