Indiana Continues Consuming Entire News Cycles, Clinton's Email Scandal Continues, Jeb Bush Supports Mass Surveillance: P.M. Links


  • "Even I have gotten sick of seeing my face on television."

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence held a press conference today saying he wants to adjust the newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act to make sure it can't be used by businesses to deny services to people.

  • The Department of Justice announced this afternoon it is going to restrict the use of asset forfeiture in "illegal structuring" bank deposit cases to wait until charges are filed or additional criminal activity is determined. These are the cases where small businesses were getting caught up because they were making frequent deposits under the threshold to report the deposits.
  • The State Department responded to a Freedom of Information Act request for four years' worth of Hillary Clinton's email communications about drone strikes during her time as secretary of state. The Associated Press put in the request and got all of four e-mails in response. Also, Clinton accidentally sent a response on a personal matter in one of them.
  • Likely GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush thinks National Security Agency surveillance is just swell and blames disapproval on bad public relations by President Barack Obama.
  • The Obama administration today announced plans to cut greenhouse gases by up to 28 percent over the next decade. No doubt lobbying has already started for subsidies and regulatory capturing for any business looking to cash in on the process.
  • The fight between McDonald's and labor unions over the nature of franchises, and whether the corporation could be held responsible for what happens at them, is playing out at the National Labor Relations Board this week. The outcome of this fight could have very huge, and potentially very bad, implications for the future of franchised businesses.
  • Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are haunting your neighborhood. You can now play Pac-Man layered on top of Google Maps.

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