Joe Biden

Are You Ready for President Joe Biden?

The Draft Biden 2016 campaign begins.


White House

A group that says it was founded by "former staffers and campaign veterans" has launched the Draft Biden 2016 campaign. Who better than Biden to run for president?, the group asks. "A fixture in American politics for over 40 years," the press release breathlessly reads, "Vice President Biden's status as an experienced statesmen, coalition builder, and productive public official lend him credibility enjoyed by few presidential candidates."

Joe Biden's the ultimate benchwarmer of sorts. Their words:

"There's talk about how weak the Democratic bench is supposed to be in 2016. We don't have a weak bench. We just need to get the best people into the race and one of the very best is Vice President Biden." says Will Pierce, Organizing Director of Draft Joe Biden. "Just take a look at the polls. Voters are tired of dynasties in American politics, and certainly want an election instead of a coronation. The House of Bush and the House of Clinton have had their run, and looking towards the future, Vice President Joe Biden is uniquely suited to tackle the issues America will face over the next decade".

Joe Biden has been in Washington since 1973, serving as a city councilman in New Castle, Delaware, before being elected to the Senate. Uniquely suited to tackle the issues America will face over the next decade? Between the 36 years in the Senate and seven in the Naval Observatory, there are few issues Biden hasn't had a hand in fouling up. He voted for the war in Iraq, even though he might've known better. He's been at the forefront of escalating the war on drugs. He's the president of the Amtrak fan club. He may even end up being the noun-verb-bin Laden guy.

Any problem the candidates vying for the White House in 2016 will frame as something Washington needs to fix will be a problem Joe Biden's had five decades to "fix," from domestic to foreign policy. The only plus side to a Biden presidency would be the Onion character's elevation.

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