FCC Votes to Regulate Internet Like a Utility, Loretta Lynch Gets Judiciary Committee Approval, IRS Still Plays the Delay Game: P.M. Links


  • gfpeck / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

    Break out the tin cans and string. The FCC voted to regulate the Internet like a utility. What harm could that do to a dynamic, innovative sector of the economy, even if it's done for shoddy, bullshit reasons? Oh…wait.

  • Loretta Lynch won thumbs up from the Senate Judiciary Committee on her way to being confirmed as the next U.S. attorney general.
  • Prices actually dropped just a tad in January, as the United States experienced deflation for the first time in years. At least Europe won't be lonely.
  • How is the IRS handling those complaints about its improper sidetracking of applications for tax exemptions from conservative political groups? It's still sitting on them, waiting for the sun to sputter out.
  • Maybe the Department of Homeland Security will lose some funding for its bloated, intrusive activities after all. House Republicans aren't backing down from their stand on the president's immigration action, with (a small part of) the DHS's fate at stake.
  • Florida cops are finding a steep learning curve when it comes to the public's ability to record official misbehavior and share it with the world at large. Well…Ok. It's not just Florida.
  • The unmasking of Mohammed Emwazi, a computer programming graduate from a comfortable background in London, as "Jihadi John" has people speculating about just what's involved in turning a a man into a murderous fanatic. 

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