Obama Says Things About Extremism, Wal-Mart to Increase Wages, Oliver Sacks Has Cancer: P.M. Links


  • Of course, it's not enough for some folks.
    Credit: MikeKalasnik / photo on flickr

    President Barack Obama today on violent extremism: "These terrorists are desperate for legitimacy. And all of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like ISIL somehow represent Islam, because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorist narrative." I suspect the Islamic State does not care whether you or I believe that their representation of Islam is inaccurate.

  • Wal-Mart will be spending $1 billion to improve the wages of half a million of its employees.
  • The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee says Americans should pay more taxes on sugary drinks and snacks to increase the size and scope of black markets. Oh, my mistake. They think it will help fight obesity.
  • A hacker claims the Department of Justice threw the book at him, charging him with dozens of crimes, after he refused to be recruited by the FBI.
  • Here's part two of The Guardian's expose on Richard Zuley, the Chicago Police detective who brought his harsh interrogations methods to Guantanamo Bay. We noted part one yesterday.
  • The world's most famous neurologist/author Oliver Sacks has terminal cancer.
  • A county clerk in Texas has handed out the state's first licenses recognizing same-sex marriages.

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