Obama Won't Meet With Netanyahu, Kerry Wants More Investments Against Extremism, New Philae Lander Data: P.M. Links


  • comet with jet stream

    President Obama isn't planning to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu when the Israeli prime minister addresses Congress in March.

  • Secretary of State John Kerry told an audience at Davos that the world had to invest more resources and take more risks against global extremism and that it couldn't be driven by Islamophobia. He will travel to Nigeria this weekend.
  • The Transportation Security Administration says it found 2,212 firearms in carry-on luggage at U.S. airports last year, a new record.
  • Aides to Sen. Marco Rubio indicate the Florida Republican is ready to run for president. 
  • The National Football League released a statement on its investigation into deflated balls used by the New England Patriots, saying it had conducted more than 40 interviews already.
  • Florida man wants to trademark the phrase "je suis Charlie".
  • Scientists researching the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko released data on "vital statistics" collected by the Philae lander.

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