French Hostage Crisis Comes to a Bloody End, Boko Haram Kills 2,000, 150-Vehicle Accident on Michigan Highway: P.M. Links


  • Sia

    French police killed the two Islamic gunmen suspected of carrying out the Charlie Hebdo attack. A related situation, the hostage crisis at a kosher supermarket, also ended during a simultaneous police raid. The three presumed terrorists are dead, as are several hostages, according to the latest reports.

  • Have you watched Bill Maher's response to Charlie Hebdo yet?
  • Nigerian militant group Boko Haram slaughtered 2,000 civilians.
  • Michigan's winter weather caused a 150-car pile-up on the I-94 expressway. One person was killed.
  • The musician Sia has apologized for her latest music video, which was deemed offensive by people who can't appreciate good art.
  • A Florida man wearing a shirt that read, "seriously, I have drugs," was arrested by police for drug possession. It looks like he did really have drugs.
  • Michael Sam is getting hitched.