Taliban Storm Pakistani School, John Yoo Says CIA Torturers 'At Risk Legally', Where Have All the Fact Checkers Gone?: A.M. Links


  • DonkeyHotey/Flickr

    Taliban gunmen attacked a Pakistani public school Tuesday morning, killing at least 126 people—mostly children and teens—at the military-run facility.

  • John Yoo, a primary author of the Bush-era Justice Department memos authorizing torture, gave a 'whoa, if true' to the Senate report on CIA interrogation practices and suggested that CIA agents may be "at risk legally."
  • Google says death threats don't trump copyright.
  • New York magazine's tale of a boy-wonder investor worth $72 million turns out to have been completely false.
  • The Senate confirmed 37-year-old Vivek Murthy—founder of the pro-Obamacare group Doctors for America and an advocate for gun control—as surgeon general on Monday night, overcoming strong opposition from the National Rifle Association and Republican leaders.
  • Do workers suffer when big chain stores overtake small, indie retailers? Not as far as wages are concerned, Stanford researchers have found.
  • Pregnant women addicted to opioids in Tennessee say they're avoiding prenatal care now that the state has criminalized giving birth to a baby that tests positive for drugs. One of the mothers that was arrested committed suicide in November.
  • Why are China's largest state-owned property developers investing in affordable housing in Brooklyn?

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