Gun Support Growing, Craft Brewers Fight Back in Texas, Cheney Says CIA Torture Report 'Full of Crap': A.M. Links


  • More Americans say it's important to protect gun rights than to restrict gun ownership in a new poll from Pew Research Center. And nearly 60 percent of respondents said gun ownership helps protect people from crime more than puts them in danger. 

  • Texas craft brewers, represented by the Institute for Justice, are challenging a state law that prohibits brewers from accepting compensation for their distribution rights.
  • Least surprising headline ever: "Cheney defends CIA interrogation techniques". The former vice president called the CIA torture report "full of crap".
  • America isn't the only country to report on its torture tactics this week.
  • Google won't suffer Spain's absurd new copyright law, which imposes fees for even small snippets of aggregated text. The company announced yesterday that it's shutting down Google News in Spain.
  • Outrage over American criminal justice has spread to England, where hundreds gathered—and 76 were arrested—in a die-in demonstration in West London yesterday.
  • An Alabama man who posted a photo of his license plate to social media is now having it revoked after the state Department of Revenue was alerted to it. Officials say the "NOHOMO" tag was approved in error.

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