A.M. Links: Maine Nurse Vows to Fight Ebola Quarantine in Court, Giants Win World Series, Cops Endorse Legal Pot in Oregon


  • Courtesy of the University of Texas-Arlington

    Kaci Hickox, the Maine nurse facing quarantine despite being symptom-free from Ebola, is vowing to fight back. "If the restrictions placed on me by the state of Maine are not lifted by Thursday morning," she told the Today Show, "I will go to court to fight for my freedom."

  • A coalition of former police officers, prosecutors, and judges has endorsed marijuana legalization in Oregon. "Treating marijuana as a crime has failed," they are telling state voters.
  • A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has described Israel's closure of the Al Aqsa Mosque as a "declaration of war."
  • "Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests have escalated into a national security issue threatening Chinese sovereignty over the Asian financial center, a delegate to China's rubber-stamp parliament said on Thursday."

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