Robert Sarvis Says Vote Libertarian to Stop the Next 'Bipartisan' Disaster


White House

Pick a problem. Any problem. There's a pretty good chance both major parties—Republicans and Democrats—share responsibility for it. The $17 trillion national debt? Thank bipartisan over-spending. Republicans love to highlight the explosion of the debt under Democrat Barack Obama, but they conveniently forget about the doubling of the debt under Republican George W. Bush. The mass surveillance state? Thank bipartisanship. The so-called "Patriot" Act infamously sailed through the U.S. Senate in 2001 with only one dissenting vote. The failed drug war? The highest incarceration rate in the world? Militarized police? Abusive asset-forfeiture regimes? Republicans and Democrats have staunchly supported all of it. Libertarian candidate for Senate Robert Sarvis explains why libertarians can break the bipartisan disaster trend by voting for many qualified candidates of his party.