More U.S. Citizens Have Been Killed by a Drone Strike Than by Ebola


It's an epidemic—killing hundreds of thousands of people and leaving many others hospitalized. It's present in over 148 countries and has expanded out of control. I'm talking not about Ebola, but the U.S. government. The very entity that many turn to for protection has been responsible for wars, police shootings, withholding of drugs that could save lives, and many other acts of violence and negligence that have resulted in far more deaths than Ebola.

More U.S. citizens (4) have died from Obama's drone strikes than from Ebola (1). Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan took more American lives (6,802, just counting troops) than all Ebola deaths (4,555) worldwide. The threat presented by Ebola should in no way be downplayed, but it is time Americans focus on the dangers of the U.S. foreign policy.

Ebola vs Obama Infographic
reason infographic

Note: This post has been edited to clarify language about the relative dangers posed by Ebola and the U.S. government.