Hong Kong

Hong Kong Police Dismantle More Barricades

Protesters had built them around their camp


Hundreds of police officers swooped into central Hong Kong on Tuesday, pushing back pro-democracy demonstrators who had built more barricades around their main street camp after deepening contention had brought thousands out the day before. After the police swept away the fortifications from one major street, apprehension mixed with defiance rippled through the main protest camp, a few minutes' walk from the newly cleared road.

"I think this is not enough to protect us, but we have to stay here," said Fish Chan, a 19-year-old tour guide who was among the protesters forced to move after the police pressed closer to the main protest camp. She was helping to defend a new barricade made from wooden pallets lashed together with plastic ties.

"I'm feeling angry because I'm here to protect the students," she said. "We are not afraid of the police, but we are not sure what will happen next and what will happen if they come."