15 Years Ago in Reason


"It is now fashionable to use the law to 'send messages' and to 'correct' people's attitudes. Although nobody uses the term, the law is seen as a legitimate tool of social engineering, and it is now expected to reach right into people's minds (and homes) to effect change."

-Helen Searls, "Trial by Fury"

"Even when the laws Republicans pass actually have teeth, Republicans apparently are afraid to use them. Also in 1996, Congress approved a requirement that each new rule created by a federal agency be submitted to Congress for review. Since 1996, federal agencies have sent nearly 13,000 rules to Congress. Not a single one has been rejected."

-David Mastio, "How Do You Misspell Relief?"

"[Arizona Sen. Jon] Kyl's bill will mean trouble for the fledgling industry, its customers, and the Internet service providers (ISPs) who connect them. But it will not stop online gambling. The very architecture of the Internet will frustrate prohibition."

-Tom W. Bell, "Gambler's Web"

-October 1999