Minimum Wage

L.A. to Raise Minimum Wage for Major Hotel Workers

To more than $15 an hour


The city council here has approved one of the nation's highest minimum wages for workers at the city's large hotels.

In a 12-3 vote on Wednesday, council members approved an ordinance establishing a minimum hourly wage of $15.37 for workers at Los Angeles hotels containing at least 125 guest rooms. If passed in a final vote next week, the ordinance would go into effect for hotels with more than 300 rooms next July. Those with at least 125 but fewer than 300 would be required to comply by July 2016.

Lifting the pay floor for Los Angeles hotel workers is the latest in an unfolding national trend. Last year the city SeaTac, Wash., set a $15 floor for workers tied to the major airport there. Nearby Seattle followed this summer, approving a $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers that will be rolled out over several years. San Francisco voters will consider a $15 rate this November.