A.M. Links: Obama Talks 'Bone-Headed' Federal Workers, SWAT Teams Want Immunity, Germany Drops Verizon Over NSA Spying


  • Credit: White House / Flickr.com

    Speaking at a town hall meeting in Minneapolis, President Barack Obama acknowledged that "some federal workers…do bone-headed things." As an example of that bone-headed behavior, he cited the unfolding Veterans Affairs scandal.

  • "It didn't seem like they really wanted to recover the data." The IRS missing emails scandal continues to grow.
  • SWAT teams in Massachusetts claim they are private corporations and therefore are entitled to immunity from the state's open records laws.
  • Germany has declined to renew a lucrative contract with Verizon over concerns that the company is turning over sensitive information to the NSA.
  • "Over the past two weeks, the specter that has haunted Iraq since its founding 93 years ago appears to have become a reality: the de facto partition of the country into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish cantons."

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