Who Says Reasonoids Don't Hang Out With 1970s Rock Stars? Shikha Dalmia Paparazzis Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.


She was there, we weren't. But Reason Foundation senior policy analyst Shikha Dalmia says she ran into Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame at the Café am Neuen See in Berlin, Germany, yesterday. And nothing happened between them.

Who are we to say otherwise?

No word yet on whether this snapshot violates the spirit of the antipaparazzi "Steven Tyler Act" that recently stumbled in Hawaii. It would have created a civil cause of action for recording people in a "personal or familial activity" if it pissed them off. Yes, lots of room in there for creative interpretation and lawyers.

Have fun, Shikha. And Steven. Watch out for the cameras.

Shikha and Steven Tyler
Shikha Dalmia