Taliban May Take More Hostages, Police Investigate Tea Party Campaigners, Hillary Allegedly Pressuring The New York Times: P.M. Links



    A Taliban commander says that "everybody" in the Islamist group will now "work hard to capture" more Americans like Bowe Bergdahl. So much for the hearwarming story.

  • Police are investigating a campaign worker and two other affiliates of U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel. They were found inside a locked courthouse that contained ballots from this week's Republican primary. 
  • Hillary Clinton's camp allegedly held a secret meeting with The New York Times and demanded that the paper be less critical of her.
  • President Barack Obama and the other G7 leaders expressed their support for the Ukrainian government's military action and called upon Vladimir Putin to rein in the pro-Russian insurgents destabilizing Ukraine.
  • Graffiti penises, harassment of women, and lots and lots of porn. Sounds kind of like a frat house, but nope, it's the Navy's famous Blue Angels. An internal investigation produced 63 pages of sordid details.
  • Three cops were shot and killed in Canada today. The suspected killer, Justin Bourque, has been spotted several times but is still on the loose.
  • General Motors has fired 15 people deemed responsible for the ignition-switch defect that was linked to 13 deaths and 54 accidents.  

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