A.M. Links: Edward Snowden Speaks, V.A. Hospital 'An Organized Crime Syndicate,' Pro-Russian Forces Shoot Down Ukrainian Army Helicopter


  • Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Edward Snowden sat down for a wide-ranging interview with NBC News. The U.S. government has "no idea what documents were taken," he said. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry said Snowden should "man up and come back to the United States."

  • According to a whistleblower who works at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Texas, the place is run like "an organized crime syndicate…. People up on top are suddenly afraid they may actually be prosecuted and they're pressuring the little guys down below to cover it all up." As the V.A. scandal grows, calls are getting louder for embattled Veterans Affairs chief Eric Shinseki to resign.
  • Pro-Russian forces near the eastern Ukraine town of Slaviansk shot down a Ukrainian army helicopter, killing 14.
  • The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit has recognized a First Amendment right to film the police in public.
  • Air pollution levels in London may be worse than those in Beijing.
  • A new study finds that 30 percent of the human population is overweight.

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