A.M. Links: U.S. Troops in Poland, IRS Awards Tax Delinquent Employees, Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Suing


  • jills

    U.S. troops arrived in Poland for multi-country military exercises scheduled after the Russian annexation of Crimea. An American journalist with Vice, meanwhile, is being held hostage by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.

  • President Obama's attempt at an "Asia pivot" received a response from China in the way of a massive military buildup.
  • A million dollars in bonuses have been awarded by the Internal Revenue Service to employees who owe back taxes.
  • A study by Verizon found that 34 percent of all data breaches in the public sector are due to "miscellaneous error."
  • Cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills are suing the team over labor practices. They allege micro-management included directions on how they should wash their "intimate areas" and a "jiggle test" to evaluate their "physique."
  • Data collected by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization reveals 26 major explosions on Earth since 2000, all caused by asteroids and not clandestine atomic bomb tests. 

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