KKK Wizard Condemns Kansas City Jewish Community Center Shooting, $760 Million in Unclaimed Refunds Going to Feds, Blood Moon Eclipse Tomorrow: P.M. Links


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    The suspect in the shootings at two Jewish community centers in Kansas City, Missouri, will be charged with a hate crime. An imperial wizard with the Ku Klux Klan condemned the killings as an "act of hate."

  • The Washington Post and The Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize public service medal for reporting on Edward Snowden's National Security Agency disclosures.
  • $760 million in unclaimed refunds from the Internal Revenue Service will officially become the property of the federal government at midnight tomorrow.
  • The 35-year sentence for Chelsea Manning has been approved by the commander of the Army Military District of Washington.
  • A Russian warplane "buzzed" the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea in what American military officials called a "provocative action."
  • USA Today asks whether tomorrow's blood moon eclipse is a sign of the End Times.

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