A.M. Links: Indians Head to the Polls, House Republicans Accuse Lerner of Breaking IRS Rules, Obama Wants a 'Congress That Works'


Credit: Furfur/wikimedia
  • Indians are heading to the polls on the first big day of the general election. More than 814 million Indians are eligible to vote in the nine-phase election, which began on April 7 and will end on May 12.
  • House Republicans have accused Lois Lerner, the former director of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division at the IRS, of breaking agency rules by pushing for Crossroads GPS, the nonprofit founded by Karl Rove, to be denied tax-exempt status. The House Ways and Means Committee voted yesterday along party lines to send a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder recommending the Department of Justice take Lerner to court.
  • Turkish authorities have maintained a ban on YouTube despite a court ordering that the ban be lifted.
  • Russia's Foreign Ministry says that NATO is using the crisis in Ukraine as an excuse to increase its appeal and justify its existence.
  • The search area for MH370 is shrinking after an Australian ship picked up two signals consistent with the so-called "black box."
  • President Obama told donors yesterday that he wants a "Congress that works" and cited the ongoing fight over immigration reform as an example of politics being considered more seriously than policy.  

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