Ukraine President Denies He's Resigning

Compares events there to rise of the Nazis


Yanukovych said on Saturday that he had no intention of resigning, and compared events in the capital to the coming to power of the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

"I am not leaving the country for anywhere. I do not intend to resign. I am the legitimately elected president," Yanukovych told a television station in the eastern city of Kharkiv.

Claiming that the political crisis resembled the rise of the German Nazi party, Yanukoych said he would not be leaving the country. "Everything happening today can primarily be described as vandalism, banditry and a coup d'etat. That is my assessment."

"This is not an opposition," he said. "These are bandits."

However, as he spoke, parliament voted to dismiss the president, and voted to impeach the president. The assembly also set May 25 as the date for fresh elections.