Snow Kills in the South, NYC Accepts Stop-and-Frisk Reforms, Rep. Waxman Retires: P.M. Links


  • New York City has reached an agreement to reform its stop-and-frisk policy to make it less racist in the hands of an independent monitor. Mayor Bill de Blasio is dropping ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg's fight to keep the tactics as they are.
  • The Supreme Court temporarily stayed the execution of Missouri killer Herbert Smulls, but then later lifted it denying an appeal connected to the lack of transparency surrounding the drug the state uses to put convicts to death. Smulls was subsequently executed.
  • A bipartisan bill to reform federal drug sentencing guidelines passed the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee today. The bill would reduce mandatory minimums, give judges more leeway in sentencing, and retroactively fix the disparity in sentences for those convicted of crack cocaine-related crimes.
  • California Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman will retire from Congress at the end of this term. The pro-regulation Nanny-Stater will probably not be missed by Reasoners.
  • Edward Snowden's latest info is that the United States snooped on countries participating in the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 to try to get advance information for negotiators.

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