Edward Snowden Senses "Significant Threats" to His Life, Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Drug War Policy, Sochi Mayor Says No Gays in the City: P.M. Links


The Guardian
  • In his first television interview, Edward Snowden said he believes there are "significant threats" to his life and that European efforts to protect citizens' data against US surveillance by building their own national internet networks are likely to fail.
  • The Supreme Court has ruled that if a drug user dies or is seriously injured after taking in multiple substances, a dealer who supplied one of the items can get an enhanced sentence only if that one drug was the actual cause of the death or injury.
  • Smartphone games and apps, such as Angry Birds, are an easy way for spy agencies like the NSA to snatch all kinds of personal information, according to previously undisclosed classified documents. 
  • A Florida constitutional amendment calling for medical marijuana will be decided by Florida voters in November now that the state Supreme Court ruled Monday that the proposed initiative and ballot summary aren't misleading.
  • A North Carolina police officer faces the second grand jury proceeding in a week for the fatal shooting of an ex-college football player who was reportedly seeking assistance after a car accident.
  • The U.S. military has carried out a missile strike in Somalia against a suspected militant leader with ties to al-Qaeda and al-Shabab.
  • The mayor of Sochi, Russia claims there are no gay people in the city. There is, however, a lot of corruption in how money is being used in preparation of the Olympics, according to a Russian opposition leader.

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