A.M. Links: UN Uninvites Iran From Syria Peace Conference, Sarah Palin Asks Barack Obama Not to Use Race Card, Stray Dogs in Detroit Overestimated


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    Detroit Dog Rescue

    The United Nations rescinded Iran's invitation to the Syria peace conference being held in Geneva after the Syrian opposition and the United States objected.  Iran, and fellow Syria ally Russia, have criticized the decision. Separately, the UN's nuclear watchdog confirmed Iran is in compliance with the agreement arrived at last year. The U.S. and the European Union eased some sanctions in response.

  • The White House is lobbying Congress to pass legislation that would extend to the president more authority to negotiate trade deals with other countries.
  • US technology companies are reconsidering how to do business in China, where they are being targeted by local regulators over allegations of price-gouging and cooperation with American surveillance efforts.
  • Sarah Palin went to Facebook to ask President Obama to stop using the race card, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • An Indiana police chief running for county sheriff accidentally shot himself while off-duty at a gun store.
  • A survey by an animal welfare group found that there are under 3,000 stray dogs on Detroit's streets on any given day, far less than the 50,000 another group previously estimated.

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