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2 The Death of Obama's 'Noble Lie'

The disastrous ObamaCare rollout unmasks liberalism's paternalistic dishonesty. Matt Welch

8 Contributors

11 Letters and Reaction

The GOP flirts with class warfare…

12 Citings FBI spooks, conservatives labeled; Fourth Amendment eroded; shut it all down; sued for a study; why stadium subsidies always win…

52 Reason TV: Anarchy in Detroit

Lawnmowers, private police, and an autonomous island in the Motor City. Zach Weissmueller


18 Let Money Talk

The Supreme Court should abandon the dubious distinction between campaign spending and campaign contributions. Jacob Sullum

20 Slouching Toward Bankruptcy The longer Washington puts off Social Security reform, the worse the shock will be. Veronique de Rugy

22 Ugly Climate Models

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can't explain the last 15 years. Ronald Bailey

70 The Benefits of Unregulated Pot

California's "wild west" demonstrates the domesticating power of capitalism. Greg Beato


26 Guilty Until Proven Innocent

How the government encourages kangaroo courts for sex crimes on campus. Cathy Young

36 America's Internal Checkpoints

Refuseniks fight back against feds demanding papers. Wes Kimbell

44 Crowdsourcing Social Problems

Using distributed technology to tackle society's most intractable challenges. William Eggers

Culture & Reviews

54 Glamour and the Art of Persuasion

What Barack Obama has in common with a cellophane candy wrapper. Virginia Postrel

Briefly Noted

56 Peter Suderman on the video game Grand Theft Auto V

Briefly Noted (cont.)

58 Anthony Fisher on Brendan I. Koerner's The Skies Belong to Us

60 Jess Remington on the documentary Pussy Riot

62 Nick Sibilla on the documentary The Act of Killing

64 Katherine Mangu-Ward on Kayleen Knight's King of Bitcoin

60 Your New Robot Overlords Are we heading for a great economic bifurcation? Ronald BaileyAverage Is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation, by Tyler Cowen

66 The Aid Debate Is Over

The failure of Jeffrey Sachs' Millennium Villages. William Easterly

The Idealist: Jeffrey Sachs and the Quest to End Poverty, by Nina Munk

68 Rehabilitating an Unusual Libertarian Heroine

Cartoonist Peter Bagge on the life of birth control rights pioneer Margaret Sanger. Interview by Brian Doherty

72 Swiss Sex Boxes The land of precision watches and chocolate wants to facilitate safe, legal sex work. Katherine Mangu-Ward

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