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XBox Ones, PS4s Sell Out Over Christmas Holiday

Neck and neck sales


To borrow from Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi, Christmas time is here, or nearly so, which means you're looking at a scant few hours of frenzied final sleuthing — probably in vain — to find a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before 2013?s holiday window closes forever. All these reports that both systems are sold out everywhere bodes well forMicrosoft and Sony, and if both companies can maintain momentum through 2014, console gaming in general.

By all accounts, sales have been very close in the U.S. since launch. In official figures, we have Sony's claim of 2.1 million PS4s sold worldwide, versus 2 million Xbox Ones. Microsoft claimed the higher initial sales rate in the U.S. (during the Xbox Ones first nine days of availability), though if you factor in all of North America, Sony says it's the world record holder, with over a million PS4s sold in just 24 hours.