Fast Food Workers Planning Strikes, Supreme Court Declines To Hear Obamacare Challenge, French Increasing Military Presence in CAR: P.M. Links


Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Nathanael Callon/wikimedia
  • The French are increasing their military presence in the Central African Republic ahead of an expected United Nations-backed intervention intended to restore order in the country that has been experiencing increasing unrest and disorder since rebels removed President Bozize from power in March.
  • The Supreme Court declined to hear Liberty University's challenge to Obamacare without comment.
  • Fast food workers in around 100 cities will hold a strikes this Thursday over wages.
  • Egypt's new draft constitution will free the military from civilian oversight.
  • A new study claims that a quarter of teens have been involved in sexting.
  • The trial of two former cops in California accused of beating a homeless man to death began today.

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