A.M. Links: Russia Sending Warships to Mediterranean, Obama Still Undecided on Syria Action, NSA Analysts Spy on Love Interests Often Enough It Has a Code Name


nsa gives a whole new meaning to "secret admirer"
20th Century Fox
  • Russia is sending warships to the Mediterranean, while China  is warning the US government not to conduct airstrikes in Syria. Donald Rumsfeld doesn't think the Obama Administration has made the case justifying military intervention in the country. President Obama has reportedly not yet decided on the response to chemical weapons use in Syria, though he appears a lot more confident the Syrian regime gassed its own people than US intelligence officials, who don't believe their case is a "slam dunk." The United Kingdom announced it would release some of its own intelligence on chemical weapons use in Syria later today, while the French defense minister insists his country's military is ready to strike. UN inspectors plan to be done with their own investigation on chemical weapons use in Syria by Saturday, although the State Department has signaled it won't wait for the UN on a potential military strike against Syria. John Boehner, meanwhile, sent a letter to the president asking 14 questions about possible military intervention in Syria, while other members of Congress are taking the same stance Obama did as a senator; that the president requires Congressional approval before commititng to any military actions.
  • NSA analysts apparently use the tools at their disposal to spy on their love interests so much the practice has a code name in the agency: LoveINT, or Love Intelligence.
  • The IRS' targeting of Tea Party groups has provided a boon in recruitment and participation for those groups.
  • Republicans in the Missouri legislature ought to have the votes to override the governor's veto of a bill that would nullify federal gun laws.
  • Authorities in California are using a predator drone to conduct surveillance on the ongoing Rim Fire.
  • Kim Jong-Un's ex-girlfriend was reportedly executed on porn charges three days after her arrest.

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