Ft. Hood Shooter Sentenced to Death, Iraq and Afghanistan Send Gentle Reminders of Results of Previous Interventions, Zimmerman's Wife Pleads Guilty to Perjury: P.M. Links


  • Wave goodbye
    Bell County Jail

    Maj. Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death for his murderous rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, to the surprise of probably nobody, least of all him.

  • As US officials beat the drums of war to allegedly make Syria a safer place, citizens are still dying by the dozen to terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • An artist in Russia who painted some satirical images, including one showing Vladimir Putin in women's lingerie, had his art seized and has fled the country. He's hoping to find asylum in France.
  • The family of a teen who was Tased by Miami Beach police and then died is now suing, claiming excessive force.
  • George Zimmerman's wife has pleaded guilty to perjury for lying about the family's finances to a judge. She will serve one year of probation.
  • Thanks to a failure to redact, we now know that Google is one of the companies trying to legally fight the secret National Security Letters the feds are using to try to get access to data.

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