A.M. Links: IRS Faces Obamacare Implementation Questions, Still Not Processing Tea Party Applications, NSA Audit Shows Thousands of Privacy Infractions a Year, Obama Purges Blue-Ribbon Intelligence Board


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    Darrell Issa may subpoena the IRS for documents related to Obamacare implementation. House conservatives say support for their plan to shut down the government over Obamacare is growing, while an IRS employee interviewed in the Ways & Means committee says the IRS is still not processing Tea Party applications.

  • An internal audit at the NSA revealed thousands of privacy and legal infractions committed by the agency every year. In the meantime, as issues about domestic spying come to the forefront of the public debate, President Obama has purged his "blue-ribbon" Intelligence Advisory Board, which now has only four members and isn't doing much.
  • Obama is looking to the FCC to push through a new cellphone tax without Congressional authorization that he could use to fund his high-speed internet program.
  • Chuck Hagel  approved six new orders related to sexual assault in the military; most of them are ideas from Congress or are policies already in place.
  • The ACLU is in a battle with its unionized workers, which include legal and administrative assistants who say the civil liberties non-profit is violating their rights with a new contract.
  • The Washington Post, CNN, and Time magazine say they've been hacked by a Syrian pro-Assad outfit that's redirected some of their news links.
  • A British judge ruled a learning disabled man must undergo a vasectomy because having another child could cause him "psychological harm."

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