A.M. Links: Bradley Manning Apologizes for Leaks, Seattle PD to Attend Hempfest, Fidel Castro Surprised to be Alive


  • they're coming back, with doritos
    Joe Mabel/Foter.com

    Establishment Republican "strategists" are worried that too many Republican candidates for the presidential nomination in 2016 will help Democrats. There are more than twenty Republicans mulling a run. On the Democratic side, meanwhile, politicians not named Hillary Clinton are starting to raise their profiles in preparation for potential 2016 runs.

  • In his sentencing hearing Bradley Manning apologized for leaking 700,000 documents to Wikileaks, saying he was "sorry that they hurt the United States." He pointed to his gender identity confusion as a reason for the leaks but acknowledged his responsibility for his actions. A military psychologist, meanwhile, testified no support was available for Manning's gender issues.
  • Seattle Police will be at Hempfest this year, handing out Doritos.
  • Three more guns walked in the federal Fast & Furious program have been found at Mexican crime scenes.
  • GE says it's pressing the International Olympic Committee to take (unspecified) action in support of human rights in Russia in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held there. Other corporate sponsors are confident Russia means it when it says the country's anti-gay laws won't affect the games.
  • Fidel Castro didn't think he would still be alive, either.
  • Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez plans to sue Major League Baseball if his steroids-related suspension isn't lifted.

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