Google Glass Changing the Life of Quadriplegic

Voice controls allow Aleksandra Blaszczuk to use the new gadget


To many, Google Glass seems like an unnecessary, very expensive, odd-looking smartphone accessory. To Aleksandra Blaszczuk, Google's connected glasses are none of those things.

A 26-year-old quadriplegic, Blaszczuk needs assistance with bathing, eating and countless other activities, but the new gadget has allowed her to do things on her own that she didn't think would be possible again.

Before a car accident a year and a half ago, Blaszczuk used her smartphone just like most 20-somethings. She took photos and immediately shared them; she used a maps app to get around in New York City; she quickly Googled things to keep up with conversation. But when she became paralyzed from the chest down, her life changed.