4 Percent of Americans Arrested in 2011, Nidal Hasan Trying to Get Death Penalty According to Stand-By Defense, Detroit Votes for Mayor: P.M. Links


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    1 in 25 Americans were arrested in 2011 according to FBI statistics.

  • The trial of Major Nidal Hasan was adjourned early on day two as his "stand-by" defense lawyers requested to be allowed to withdraw, saying Hasan's defense involves trying to get the death penalty.
  • A federal judge ruled a Texas man accused of securities fraud could not argue that Bitcoin wasn't money.
  • An NYPD officer hung out outside a strip club posing as a hooker to bust men looking to pay for sex.
  • New Orleans' mayor says the city doesn't have enough money to comply with a court order requiring reform of the prison system, but it still has $50 million from FEMA to rebuild jails.
  • A mayoral primary in Detroit leaves write-in candidate Mike Duggan and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon facing off against each other in November.
  • A new non-profit school in Boston aims to provide "democratic learning" by offering no grades, no attendance, and no "real teaching."
  • Researchers say dolphins can remember whistles of dolphins they met twenty years ago, the longest social memory observed in non-humans.
  • A small dead shark was found on the subway in Queens.

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