A.M. Links: Al Qaeda Not Really Looking Like It's On The Run, Journalists Worried About Covering Benghazi, Part Time Job Creation Outpaces Full Time Job Creation Seven to One


  • "if this is gonna be my future i wanna get paid full time money for flipping burgers part time"
    Thomas Hawk/Foter.com

    President Obama's assertion that Al Qaeda's on the run has been challenged by its recent apparent resurgence.  The US Army, meanwhile, is reluctant to cut ties with individuals and companies in Afghanistan tied to Al Qaeda despite the advice of the reconstruction watchdog out of concern for the due process rights of those Al Qaeda-linked individuals, while the State Department is urging Americans to leave Yemen, where a drone strike killed several suspected Al Qaeda militants, based on messages the government says it intercepted from Al Qaeda. Officials are also worried the terrorist group's developed an undetectable liquid explosive.

  • "Journalists" are concerned about losing access to the White House if they ask tough questions about Benghazi.
  • The economy has created 270,000 full time jobs and 1.9 million part time jobs since January 2009, according to numbers compiled by the House Ways and Means Committee.
  • Republican governors are not enthusiastic about Republican attempts to shut down the federal government over Obamacare.
  • Foreign diplomats won't leave Egypt alone and are set to continue to try to resolve the situation; John McCain and Lindsay Graham are visiting soon.
  • An attack along the disputed Indian-Pakistani border in Kashmir left at least five Indian soldiers dead. India blames Pakistani troops but Pakistan denies any skirmish. 

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