Two Al-Shabab Commanders Killed in Infighting

Somalia's Al-Qaeda affiliate in chaos


Al-Shabaab announced on Sunday (June 30th) that two of its leading commanders, Ibrahim Haji Jama Mead "Al-Afghani" and Abdi Hamid Hashi Olhayi, both founder members of the organization, had been killed after Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi "Godane" ordered the arrest of a dozen or more senior Al-Shabaab leaders.

It appears their death occurred in fighting between different factions in Barawe port, though there have been claims the two men were executed. Reports suggest Godane has also got rid of a number of other senior Al-Shabaab figures including Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys who escaped from Barawe by boat and was then handed over to the Himan and Heeb regional administration in central Somalia last week.